Upon submission of your abstract you will be asked to indicate to which of the seven main themes your abstract most closely aligns. If your abstract represents work that belongs under some theme other than the seven main themes; please submit and indicate the theme as 'general submission' (abstracts that fall into the 'general submission' category will be given equal consideration to those that fall under one of the seven main themes).

  • Experimental methods and results
  • Constitutive behaviour and models (including EOS, deviator phase transitions, etc)
  • Damage mechanics (including soall, ejecta, etc)
  • Explosives (including both unreacted and reacted characteristics, detonation, reaction zone, etc)
  • Models of material behaviour (atomistic, MD, continuum, and multi-scale linkages in time and space)
  • Numerical methods (Eurelian, Lagrangian, ALE, etc)
  • High velocity impact
  • General submission

Key dates

Registration deadline:

24 May 2021

Paper submission deadline:

27 June 2021