PETER NMH 2021 will now be held as a virtual conference


PETER NMH is devoted to the evaluation and disemination of leading research in the field of shock physics. The subject matter is rather wide in scope, including works that are: experimental, theoretical, numerical, or some combination of experimental/theoretical/numerical. The broadness of scope is illustrated by a listing of the seven main topical categories of the conference:

  • Experimental methods and results
  • Constitutive behavior and models (including EOS, deviator, phase transition, etc.)
  • Damage mechanics (including spall, ejecta, etc.)
  • Explosives (including both unreacted and reacted characteristics, detonation, reaction zone, etc.)
  • Models of material behavior (atomistic, MD, continuum, and multi-scale linkages in time and space)
  • Numerical methods (Eulerian, Lagrangian, ALE, AMR, etc.)
  • High velocity impact

There will also be a commemorative talk given in honor of Evgeny Kozlov who sadly died recently. Evgeny, who worked for many years at the Zababakhin All-Russia Scientific Research Institute of Technical Physics (VNIITF), was a true leader in the field.

All researchers in the filed of shock physics are encouraged to participate.

Key dates

Registration deadline:

24 May 2021