PETER NMH is devoted to the evaluation and dissemination of leading research in the field of shock physics. The subject matter is rather wide in scope, including works that are: experimental, theoretical, numerical, or some combination of experimental/theoretical/numerical. The broadness of scope is illustrated by a listing of the seven main topical categories of the conference:

  • Experimental methods and results
  • Constitutive behaviour and models (including EOS, deviator, phase transition, etc.)
  • Damage mechanics (including spall, ejecta, etc.)
  • Explosives (including both unreacted and reacted characteristics, detonation, reaction zone, etc.)
  • Models of material behaviour (atomistic, MD, continuum, and multi-scale linkages in time and space)
  • Numerical methods (Eulerian, Lagrangian, ALE, AMR, etc.)
  • High velocity impact

There will also be a commemorative talk given in honor of Evgeny Kozlov who sadly died recently. Evgeny, who worked for many years at the Zababakhin All-Russia Scientific Research Institute of Technical Physics (VNIITF), was a true leader in the field.

All researchers in the filed of shock physics are encouraged to participate.

Key dates

Registration deadline:

24 May 2021

Paper submission deadline:

27 June 2021