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Experimental Methods and Results

P1   Strain Rate and temperature effects on mechanisms of plastic deformation and failure of high-strength Mg-Zn-Zr alloy

Anatoly Bragov, Lobachevsky State University, Russia

Constitutive Behavior and Models

P2  A wide-range multiphase equation of state for platinum

Vadim Mikhaylov, VNIITF, Russia

P3  Shock induced melting of saphire

Afanasy Ostrik, Russian Academy of Science, Russia

P4  Equation of state of hydrogen for power engineering

Alexey Karavaev, VNIITF, Russia

P5  Optimization of a quarzite phase transition and shear strength model on the data from shock experiments

Denis Shalkovskiy, VNIITF, Russia

Numerical Methods

P7  A multi-region level set method based on iterative correction of actual physical points

Fuyu Zhao, Beijing Institute of Technology, China

P8  Numerical investigation on air explosion and its effect on thin shell structure under low-pressure condition

Tao Li, Beijing Institute of Technology, China

P9 The simulation of the shaped charge with hyperelastic model

Wanli Wang, Beijing Institute of Technology, China

Key dates

Registration deadline:

24 May 2021

Paper submission deadline:

27 June 2021